MiniBagno: bathroom culture in the smallest space

“A place of well-being” is how the protagonist describes her new bathroom in this commercial. She is an enthusiastic customer of our customer MiniBagno. “My bath is a feel-good place for me”. Being able to take a shower without help in her age is more than a quality of life: this is human dignity. And she is not afraid to talk about it.

The design, which the senior has chosen for her barrier-free bathroom, is modern: The shower enclosure is a frameless glass pane with lotus effect, floor and bathroom furniture are colour matched, anthracite. “Anyone who sees this says it’s fabulous,” sais the elderly woman – and her eyes sparkle.

Real people create trust

We can tell stories behind products and services with actors. Even better, as in this commercial, we work with real people: customers or employees of our customers. You have enthusiastic customers, too. Have you ever asked them if they would appear in your next commercial? Especially in B2B interesting synergies arise …

We shot this film in half a day, additional settings come from another production for the same customer. Edited in two days. The film and parts of it are distributed on the company’s website and on social media channels.