Making a film is telling a story

It is the stories people are interested in: the story behind your offer, the stories of users of your products. And your story deserves to be told.

Every night people around the world watch films. In cinemas or on TVs, computers and smart phones. Moving pictures are pictures that move minds and hearts. What if it was your story that people watched tonight? stands for the conception and production of authentic advertising films and documentaries.

Recruiting video: The Wow Effect for Your Employer Branding

More and more companies are relying on employer branding to increase their impact on the labour market and to set themselves apart from the general market.

They don’t just want to win “some new” employee or trainee, they want to achieve a particularly good match so that an optimal win-win situation for employer and employee/trainee is achieved.

In recent years, the social media have been used specifically for recruitment. In particular employer evaluations on job portals affect the employer mark, since these specialized portals are used by ever more applicants for job search. Now, for example, every fifth university graduate uses employer evaluation portals to form an opinion about the potential new job. As a reaction to this, the companies again try to help shape their employer brand accordingly on such portals.

A recruiting video shows real people in your company and makes it possible to experience your company on job portals.

A mixture of interviews with employees, people at work and recordings of social activities in the company give a vivid picture of the new workplace.

In coordination with your social media experts, we play out versions of the film in various lengths and formats.

Offering medical products? you need one thing above all: trust

The realities of patients’ lives have changed fundamentally in recent years. People have the opportunity to become experts on their diseases. They make less distinction than before between information coming from the field of holistic or alternative medicine on the one hand and from so-called conventional medicine on the other. Multiple causes of disease, from toxicological reactions to the consequences of permanent stress, present new challenges for diagnostics.

This results in an obligation for providers of integrative healing methods to provide corresponding proof of effectiveness, and orthodox medical practitioners are required to perceive the whole person in their life situation.

With my films I present new methods authentically and as transparently as possible for users, practitioners and investors.