The following prices apply to my work as director, cameraman and for film editing. If your project needs an extended team, I can book sound and light technicians, make-up artists, actors and musicians for your project at their respective rates plus a small organization fee.

My daily rate for direction and camera for the first day of shooting is 1551,50 (1450 € plus VAT). For each additional day of shooting I charge 1027,20 € (960 € plus VAT). Minimum booking is one full day.

My daily rate for film editing and postproduction is 770,40 € (720 € plus VAT).

Depending on the expected data volume, I charge a flat rate of between 178.50 (150 € plus VAT) 357 € (300 € plus VAT) per order for data storage.

For music licenses usually about 150 € will be charged. Compositions especially for your project are available from 300 €.

Travel costs according to actual expenditure 0,30 € per km.

The overnight stay for external projects is either provided by the client or I charge the actual costs for overnight stay from the evening before shooting until the morning after shooting is finished. Catering at the shooting location is usually provided by the customer upon agreement.

I will charge the actual costs for any equipment rental that may be necessary.