MiniBagno: bathroom culture in the smallest space

“A place of well-being” is how the protagonist describes her new bathroom in this commercial. She is an enthusiastic customer of our customer MiniBagno. “My bath is a feel-good place for me”. Being able to take a shower without help in her age is more than a quality of life: this is human dignity. And she is not afraid to talk about it.

The design, which the senior has chosen for her barrier-free bathroom, is modern: The shower enclosure is a frameless glass pane with lotus effect, floor and bathroom furniture are colour matched, anthracite. “Anyone who sees this says it’s fabulous,” sais the elderly woman – and her eyes sparkle.

Real people create trust

We can tell stories behind products and services with actors. Even better, as in this commercial, we work with real people: customers or employees of our customers. You have enthusiastic customers, too. Have you ever asked them if they would appear in your next commercial? Especially in B2B interesting synergies arise …

We shot this film in half a day, additional settings come from another production for the same customer. Edited in two days. The film and parts of it are distributed on the company’s website and on social media channels.

Two concepts of reality

[vimeo id=”149020252″ align=”left” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”300″]There are two German words for reality. They couldn’t be more different. The word Realität (noun) or real (adjective) goes back to the Latin word res which means thing. So the concept of reality is seeing the world around us as an arrangement of things, including plants, animals and humans. The German word Wirklichkeit is related to the English word work. The concept of Wirklichkeit sees the world a structure of entities working together. This includes non-material entities.

The film shows the artist Ute Spingler in two worlds: The opening scene is about her exhibition, the real world if you will. Then she pulls the plug and finds herself in the dreamlike world of her makeshift studio where she conceives ideas for a new painting. In the final scene she bridges the gap by writing the words: “and silence dances tango with the fire of ecstasy” into her picture. Two opposites re-connected. Dreaming, painting and selling pictures go well together. Or in Ute’s words: “The creation of a picture is only complete when the picture is received by other people, when art lovers buy it.”

The film is based on a poem Ute wrote and she reads it in the film:

Eros kisses vulnerability
Sensuality embraces fear

I open up to life and
I receive the gifts of my trust
in what I perceive within
and which I send out with every beat of my pulsating heart

I stride through the gate of love
let myself fall and surrender
caress the cradle of my life
Every day I celebrate the moment
which my hearts transforms to eternity

Eros kisses vulnerability
Sensuality embraces fear
And silence dances Tango with the fire of ecstasy.

Silicone Levinas: The art of Corry Siw Mirski

[vimeo id=”145291924″ align=”left” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”300″]”It’s the body that I am interested in, the body which is vulnerable.” At first sight, people often see blood and death in Corry’s works. But people who take time to look closer see more. One thing that is peculiar is that the sculptures don’t have heads whereas the images are just heads. Another aspect Corry mentions is the eyes. “When we look at each other we exchange something that is beyond our personality, or just beyond.” A face without eyes is a mask. Our egos create masks, that’s why some of the faces on her pictures don’t have eyes.

I filmed the making of one of Corry’s pictures, a large face, turquoise after a long period of painting red. The eyes of the turquoise face seem to be turned inward.

Extending a welcome

[vimeo id=”39760959″ align=”left” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”300″]Documenting the 400th anniversary celebrations at the Anglican Church of St Thomas Becket in Hamburg.