From script to screen in 60 hours

Our entry for the Colchester Film Festival’s 60 hour film challenge.

The meeting place

Starring Brendan Douglas and Mark Hayden

Director of Photography: Heiner Schäfer
Edited by Heiner Schäfer
Music by Dean Baker
Voice over Lucy: Chloë Bonet
Produced by Heiner Schäfer, Brendan Douglas, Mark Hayden
Written and directed by Brendan Douglas

The-Meeting-Place the-meeting-place-collageSpecial thanks to the municipal authorities of Oranienburg and Petra Michael / Kaffeetante Oranienburg for their incredible support and beutiful locations.

This film was entered into the Colchester Film Festival 60 hour film challenge


Luxury in a small bathroom

[vimeo id=”142663772″ align=”left” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”300″]Do you want to convey an honest and authentic view of your company to your prospects? Ask your customers. Here is what they say about MiniBagno, planner and builder of high quality tiny bathrooms.

The work culture I have been dreaming of

[vimeo id=”130227656″ align=”left” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”300″]DreamIT is looking for coders who know what they are doing: write good code. In order to find new staff that were a good match for their existing team, DreamIT commissioned us to produce a recruitment film.

While working for DreamIt I discovered their work culture which is so different from what I experienced in the corporate world.

Space is the real luxury

First day in my new office

10001166_10153397475719156_2947732432176162484_oWhen stripping off the old wallpaper a blue layer of paint caught my eye. Was this the paint the first residents of this house – my great grandparents – had used? Whether or not, I decided to be inspired by the old layer of paint and paint my office blue, in a different technique, though.

10845699_10153542351279156_1624781210987896012_oBut before I could even think of painting the walls I had to strip the old poorly pasted wall paper from the ceiling. Plus I had a specialist grind and oil the wooden floor.

Then the walls were painted white with a linseed oil and clay-based plaster effect paint. On top of this I applied four layers of tinted glaze.

neues-BueroNow I am sitting in my office between high-tech gear and vintage furniture. On the wall art works by Ute Spingler. This is truly luxury.


Mayoral candidate Torsten Werner

[arve url=”https://vimeo.com/124773113″]

Mayoral election in our new home town. One of the candidates commissioned us to produce a promo video. As one of his main topics is the conservation of the woodlands surrounding our town, we shot the video on a cycling tour through these woods. We edited down the 10-min interview to 2:53.

Piece of life

A love song for a street – secret life in a forest – a bird made of glass and yet alive – this is the world of accordionist and composer Ulrike Dangendorf. The title piece of the DVD Stück vom Leben (a piece of life) is dedicated to her tour bus, but those with ears to hear find that there is more under the bonnet …

[vimeo id=”122209597″ align=”left” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”300″]This video is a preview of her DVD Stück vom Leben.

Expert audio editing was provided by Michael Tiemeyer m&a Tonstudio

Get the message out with a short interview

Dr. Kerstin Friedrich offers a method that concentrates
on offering solutions to
widen the bottleneck in the customer’s
value creation process.

You have a new product or service and you want to get the message out quickly without having to worry about details? Why not do a short video interview? Good places for short interviews are conferences and trade shows.

[vimeo id=”52572268″ align=”left” autoplay=”yes”] The Auralon is a piece of jewellery that, according to its maker, also has health benefits by picking up and transforming the wearer’s vibrations.

This video was recorded during a holistic health trade show.

[vimeo id=”109638949″ align=”left” autoplay=”yes”] Historically risk management is used for protecting down sides, however the same technique can be used to make better capital allocation decisions.

This video was captured on the fringe of the annual conference of the Risk Management Association e. V.

White Christmas after all

white Christmas
Gate to the beyond | Photo by Ute Spingler

The Twelve Nights, the time “between the years”, names and dates vary for these special days around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. They are the gap the lunar calendar leaves to the solar calendar, days out of time.

Even when the banks still charge interest, the government still wants our taxes and many people pursue their normal working lives – the thin layer of matter that we call reality seems even thinner and allows a glimpse of the worlds beyond.

They say we shape the coming year with the thoughts we think in these days. Some of this idea may persist in the New Year’s resolutions, but these are as easily made as they are broken. Perhaps 2015 will be as special as we allow these Twelve Days to be.

We wish you all the best, whatever this is for you, in 2015.