Get the message out with a short interview

Dr. Kerstin Friedrich offers a method that concentrates
on offering solutions to
widen the bottleneck in the customer’s
value creation process.

You have a new product or service and you want to get the message out quickly without having to worry about details? Why not do a short video interview? Good places for short interviews are conferences and trade shows.

[vimeo id=”52572268″ align=”left” autoplay=”yes”] The Auralon is a piece of jewellery that, according to its maker, also has health benefits by picking up and transforming the wearer’s vibrations.

This video was recorded during a holistic health trade show.

[vimeo id=”109638949″ align=”left” autoplay=”yes”] Historically risk management is used for protecting down sides, however the same technique can be used to make better capital allocation decisions.

This video was captured on the fringe of the annual conference of the Risk Management Association e. V.