Reels are the new commercials

For 30 seconds the screen is yours

Can you present your service or product in 30 seconds? Or do you find it easier to ask the right question in 30 seconds to reach people? The easiest way to produce your reel is to reassemble passages from existing videos. What do you say, what do you show when someone listens to you for 30 seconds?

What are Stories?

Auenland Story

Stories are 15 second long vertical videos, which are offered on Facebook and Instagram right at the top of the page. If you click on one of the thumbnails, a photo or video stored as a story fills the entire screen for 15 seconds and gets full attention.

A “Call to Action” button can be added to a story. This allows you to offer the visitor a more detailed video, for example.

Stories published free of charge disappear again after 24 hours. On Istagram, stories can also be placed as advertisements for several days or weeks. And … Your stories can be used as status messages on WhatsApp.

Reels and Stories are a part of your communication concept

When planning a product or image film, it is good to have different lengths in mind: A 10-minute information film, 3 minutes for social media, 30 seconds as a promotional film and 15 seconds of stories.