Piece of life

A love song for a street – secret life in a forest – a bird made of glass and yet alive – this is the world of accordionist and composer Ulrike Dangendorf. The title piece of the DVD Stück vom Leben (a piece of life) is dedicated to her tour bus, but those with ears to hear find that there is more under the bonnet …

[vimeo id=”122209597″ align=”left” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”300″]This video is a preview of her DVD Stück vom Leben.

Expert audio editing was provided by Michael Tiemeyer m&a Tonstudio

Fedor Myschkin – the hit for vodka

Music Video

[vimeo id=”82639473″ align=”left” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”300″]Fedor Myschkin ran out of vodka. Together with his comrade Iwan he sets out to produce a song in order to make money and buy more vodka. Will he succeed?

I shot part of this video in two days and four locations in Hamburg while Moscow-based DP Anlexandr Tretjakewitch shot scenes of Fedor Myschkin in several locations in Moscow. Editing was shared between Fadi Gaziri and myself; however Fadi did the main chunk of editing.